‘Steaking’ a Kenilworth claim cost a lot for bull

Riverpark Farms Prize winning Bull

A YOUNG wagyu bull raised in the Mary Valley at Kenilworth has sold for $50,000 at the recent Elite Wagyu National Sale held in Adelaide, South Australia.

We Pack FP11 was bred at River Park Farms by owners Tim and Jessica Elliott.

Since buying the property and wagyu herd in 2013, Mr Elliott has concentrated on the genetics of the wagyus, selecting high performance data recording aiming for the right mix of marbling score along with weight and milking attributes. 

With the advanced DNA testing technology, it was found that We Pack FP11 had inherited his higher descendants’ bloodlines. He was within the top one per cent of elite wagyu bulls in Australia and possibly the world, the Elliotts said.

The elite wagyu sale is global with international buyers and sellers able to bid online. The countries involved are USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. 

River Park Farm’s wagyu herd is 100 per cent full blood wagyu. There are no crosses or purebreds, they are all descendants from the original Japanese bloodlines. 

Mr Elliott said buyers from overseas were now only interested in the top 5 per cent of full blood lines. 

The new owners of FP11 are Gateway Farms in Gloucester, New South Wales. Gateway Farms also bought nine females on the day at an average of $52,000. 

The Elliott family runs about 100 head of wagyu and 150 ultrablacks (tropical angus) on their 141ha property on the Mary River near Kenilworth. 

With intensive farming practices such as strip grazing and irrigated pasture crops, introduced with the help of farm manager Stephen Nussio, River Park Farms has been able to double its carrying capacity within the past 12 months. 

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